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LawnBott is a line of autonomous robotic lawnmowers, originally manufactured in Italy by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi under the previous generation name of Ambrogio. The line is distributed in the US by Kyodo America's robotics division, KA Home Robotics, a part of the Kyodo Group of Tokyo, Japan.

The LawnBott line of mowers are the most sophisticated robot mowers in the market. With the largest cutting area of any home-use designed mower, and an adaptive computer on board, this product is the current leader of this market segment.

Lawnbott Models and Differences

Photo/Model Retail price Features
LB2000 Professional
Discontinued Covers 33,000 ft² (3/4 acre), uses lead-acid batteries, and weighs 39 lbs. Software is upgradable for free over the internet. Cutting width is 12". This model is discontinued.
LB3000 Deluxe
$1999.00 / $2,249.00 Uses a Lead (2110) or Lithium (2150) battery. Adds rain sensors and a remote. Weighs just 21 (2150) lbs. This model has been discontinued. Replaced with LB2110/LB2150
LB3200 Evolution
$2799.00 / $2,999.00 Adds adaptive programming feature. This model has been discontinued. Replaced by LB3210/LB3250
$3449.00 / $3,999.00 Bluetooth control (not available in United States as of 2009), dual Lithium batteries, theft alarm. LB3550 Added to line with extra batteries for more cutting time and larger yard handling.