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My name is Doug Smith and I am a home automation and robotics enthusiast. You can take a look at my user page if you want to know more about me.

There is so much good information about robotic mowers on the Internet, but it is scattered all over the place between various mailing lists and web sites. I created RoboMowerWiki because I've always wished that information could be captured in one place for easy reference.

By the way, I'm not knocking those other resources. Many of them are very nice.

For example, there is a great RoboMower Yahoo Groups list with many knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic members. The discussion part is great but there are some things I find inconvenient:

  1. The content is locked away at Yahoo until you join the group. That means someone doing a web search for help with their robotic mower may never stumble across the great content that has been posted to the list.
  2. Pictures can't be part of messages so there is often a description about something in a message that you have to go to the files or pictures section and get a file to see what the writer is talking about.

So my purpose is to put lots of good robotic mower information in one place and make things convenient and easy to find. Wikis are good for that. I'm in no way trying to replace something like the RoboMower list. It is much better for discussions and I will always promote it for that reason. In fact, one of my other goals for this site is that people who stumble across these pages will be encouraged to also join the RoboMower list and take part in the discussions there.