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I'm a happy owner of two Robomowers; one upgraded 500 and one upgraded 550. Together, they keep my 3/4 acre lot mowed. I currently have seven batteries that I keep charged with an external rapid charger. That seems to be about right to stay ahead of the grass when it's growing fast in the spring.

I'm also an all around gadget freak who likes to dabble in computers, Web, electronics, home automation, robotics, music, and design. Home automation enthusiasts may have seen some of my freelance writing in Home Automation (now defunct) and Electronic House magazines.

I started this RoboMower Wiki site because it seemed like all of us robotic mower enthusiasts needed a place to collect reference information in a more organized way than the mailing lists.

You can also find me on the Web at my personal site and Hide-a-Pod, a site I did just for the fun of it. :-)