Yahoo Groups questions answered by Roy at Friendly Robotics

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FAQ with Roy Tramir

Roy at Friendly Robotics has agreed to answer technical questions posed to him by the Yahoo Robomowers group. To facilitate this, Austin Morgan has created a script that will can this page for new questions, e-mail them to Roy and insert the answers Roy returns to their proper place. Anyone is allowed to edit this page, but pleases follow these rules before you modify anything.

  1. All new questions must be added below all existing questions.
  2. Please use the wiki numbering feature to keep track of question numbers.
  3. Please make sure all questions are technical in nature.

Questions posed so far:

  1. What are the settings in the 3.2a software and what does each option/setting do - when should they be used? (especially the Service Menu.)
    1. Roy: Tell me what sub menu items seem there and i will explain. Basically it is for the service man working or fixing the mower.
  2. What causes the gear assembly frame to break?
    1. Roy: I suspect sitting on the mower top or dropping the power pack aggressively into the mower. If none of the above happened: Fatigue.
  3. Why would the front wheel sensor on my RL1000 suddenly switch so that when lifted it thinks the wheel is on the ground and when dropped it thinks the wheel is lifted? By using the service menu it is clear that the sensor works it's just reporting the wrong status?
    1. Roy: Front wheel sensor saying on the ground when lifted is faulty. Usually it would be the small plastic flag on the sensor that comes out. With the right directions from me could be fixed by customer. Please have this customer contact me directly.
  4. What do the K error codes mean when the DK service calibration fails? I had to move the fluxgate on my RL550 to solve a terrible navigation problem. Specifically I've seen error K=18 and K=83.