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Welcome to RoboMowerWiki

This site was created to share information related to all kinds of robotic lawn mowers. See the RoboMowerWiki:About page for more information about the motivation behind it.

These pages are built using wiki software, which means that anyone, including you, can change the content or add pages as needed. (See Help:Contents for help getting started.) Don't worry if you don't know how to make it look just right or don't have perfect spelling or grammar. Just post the information and others will clean things up as needed.

Have ideas for what should be included here but no expertise to write it? Add it to the to do list at the bottom of the page and hopefully someone with the required knowledge will fill in the topic.

Types and manufacturers of Robotic Mowers

Click on the name of the mower to see detail pages on that type.

Home-Built Mower Projects

  • RoboCut — An automated, selfcharging lawnmover project diary.
  • The Lawn Ranger — A Radio Electronics magazine robotic mower project from 1990.
  • According to the May 2006 issue of Nuts and Volts magazine (page 71), there was to be an upcoming article in their sister publication, SERVO Magazine, about building a robotic lawn mower for under $200.

External References

  • - Lawnbott, BigMow, ParcMow Authorized Sales and Service Center. Run by technology experts. Regular demonstration events, local in-yard demos, installations.
  • Robomow Details Robomow Authorised resellers based in Ireland -
  • - Detailed Robomower and Lawnbott information. Authorized Sales and Service Center. The Primary Friendly Robotics U.S.A. Warranty service center.
  • Lawnbott Central - Factory authorized sales and service center for Lawnbott mowers. Pre-bundled Lawnbott kits based on yard sizes for easy decision making.
  • - Authorized Friendly Robotics Robomower & Lawnbott Dealer, FAQs, Videos
  • - Palomar Robotics Southern California's First Official Friendly Robotics Robomow Dealer Fully Authorized in Sales and Service.